Article published in American Quarterly: Journal of the American Studies Association

Here is a PDF of an article I authored, The Ballot Box and Beyond: The (Im)Possibilities of White Antiracist Organizing,” that was published in the June 2010 issue of American Quarterly. In this article, I argue for a centering of multiracial racial justice organizing in studies of race and ethnic studies, and the stakes for white anti-racism in theory and practice. The work was drawn from my Ph.D. dissertation and current book manuscript, Organizing Race: Antiracist Activism and Multiracial Movement-Making.

Article published in inaugural issue of Powerlines

I was asked last December to submit a response to the topic of the “activist academic” and “public intellectual” for a Digital Roundtable in the inaugural issue of Powerlines, a peer-reviewed, online American Studies journal based at the University of Maryland, College Park. The journal launched today and you can read and comment on my full response here.